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Mattress to Go in Palm Coast

December 19, 2018


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When you want to buy furniture in Palm Coast, you have two options. The first is to order the furniture from an online store while the other option is to visit a local furniture store to buy the piece of furniture or mattress you want. While buying online can be a convenient option, you may end up getting a product that does not meet your requirements. You may discover the mattress you ordered is either too hard or too rough for you. Returning the mattress or the piece of furniture to the online store can be time-consuming and may come with its own setbacks. The best option, therefore, is to buy from a local furniture shop. Whatever your furniture needs are, you should think about visiting Home Design Furniture & Mattress to check out some of the products on offer.

 Mattress Store with Best Pricing

If you're looking for furniture or mattresses in Palm Coast be sure to visit Mattress to Go and our sister store Furniture to Go.   You’ll love our prices because we buy some of the best products at deep discount prices. Stop in our new store and check out the mattresses.  You can fell and lay down to find the right mattress that will allow you to get the rest that your body needs.


Our staff is knowledgeable about all the different mattress options for your lifestyle along with different pricing options.  If you pick up, you can save the delivery cost. You can also pick up anytime. If you have someone coming to visit and you want great buy on a terrific mattress, you can pick it up and save the money.

 Best Buys on Mattress & Furniture

No need to buy online or at a store that you can’t try out the mattress in store first. Sleep is one of the most import considerations on your health.  With all the mattress options we offer, be sure to visit our Mattress to Go store before you buy a mattress.


Since you are shopping, our Furniture to Go store has a continue flow of close-out deals that can save you a bundle.  Both our stores offer prices that you will not see in this area for your furniture and mattress needs.

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